Students armed with the best online class learning tools and materials find it easier to be self-motivated. Our teaching pedagogy is not restricted to conventional online classroom lectures, but is highly interactive and innovative, and structured to suit individual needs. ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE's innovative teaching methodologies are now available in web portal www.entrancecoach.org .

ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE has evolved and developed its pedagogy of teaching since 2014. The teachers are highly approachable and actively involved in the progress of every student. The teaching is not restricted to conventional online classroom lectures, but is highly interactive, innovative and constantly evolving to suit individual needs, allowing the students to think out-of-the-box, a skill that is indispensable to success.

A combination of lectures providing mental stimulation, reinforced by small workgroups, assignments and systematic tests ensure a holistic learning process. A constant evaluation through regular tests and feedback of the student's progress helps in getting the best out of the students.

Over the years ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE has earned a reputation as the trend-setter in innovative teaching methodologies. Its methods are now available in your place through www.entrancecoacheducate.org.


Exhaustive and pertinent study material has been developed by ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE which shall be provided to our students. The study material provides in-depth coverage of concepts along graded levels of complexity and includes relevant theory concepts set out simply. Thematerial also, importantly, includes an extensive number of relevant questions from various competitive exams.

This study material is reviewed and updated annually for any changes in Board curriculum and pattern of competitive exams.


We firmly follow the ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE ethos of the interaction of our students with the teachers. Teachers are present at online with live video interactive session for doubt solving and individual teaching. This way, the students don't feel helpless or puzzled as they can get their doubts cleared immediately. Teachers, too, have an opportunity of closely monitoring progress of students individually and in groups.


All our JEE and Medical students are provided an online login to ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE's extremly robust Online Education portal to supplement their classroom learning. The portal has classroom lectures by some of the best professors on the various subjects. These lectures help students to understand the topics of their interest at their time and convenience. This tool also helps them to cover the topics which might have been missed or needs revision.


We offer students access to our Learning Management System (LMS) which is a single platform for timetables, Microsoft Teams class links, class recordings, homework, e-books, testing platform, payment alerts, and much more.


Topic-wise tests are conducted after completion of each topic, ensuring that every student is aware of their progress. If it is perceived that a student requires greater assistance with a particular topic, remedial doubt-solving sessions can be taken with the faculty.


Major tests and the All India Test Series are a special feature of our programs and take place regularly during the two year and one year JEE and Medical training programs. These tests are generally on the pattern of the expected entrance exam and assist in evaluating students consolidated progress. Test feedback is provided through a detailed Performance Report and a Centre and an All India Rank.


The performance of every student is monitored regularly. In addition to evaluation of the score and performance of the student, the strengths and weaknesses of the student is meticulously recorded and students are counselled to perform better each time around.


ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE-ENTRANCE COACH EDUCATE firmly believes in providing the best teachers and systems to its students. Feedback is sought from our students on the faculty, management and overall teaching system periodically. We believe in consistently improving our systems and providing the finest faculty, to emerge as the most trusted education brand. This systematic feedback system has successfully evolved over the last 8 years.


Our methodology enables students to creatively resolve complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process.